Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Newborn session with Z

I love when I get to see families grow and I especially love it when my previous clients come back with their new babies! Jennifer and Michael's daughter, Miss B was my "poster child" a couple years ago when I did a promotion! She was a great little model, although she didn't want to sit for a pic very long this time! 

Her little brother, Mr. Z thought he should be just like his big sister and be awake for pretty much the whole time I was there! (Jennifer, I'm sure he slept well that night!)

Here's a few of my favorites from his session!

I had Mom sit with him after awhile cuz he just liked to be held!
Jennifer, from day 1 with Miss B, has been so good with her babies! 

And yes, Jennifer! You and Mike need to keep making babies! They are pretty darn cute!

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