Monday, November 30, 2015

Hutchinson Family Session

My last family session for 2015 was finished off with such a wonderful family...I hate to say this, but I used to babysit Stacy when she was likely around 8 years old! (I was 12 when I babysat her and her cute little sisters! So I was really young! wink wink)

Stacy has grown into a beautiful wife and momma! She is so good with her boys! Poor thing is a little outnumbered...even the dog is a boy!  But she is definitely the queen in her family! Colin and the boys and Stacy, along with Gus, were good sports in the cold weather on Sunday! We had a few episodes with not wanting to take photos but I am happy to say we got some great ones!

Cuteness overload! These boys are ADORABLE!

Happy birthday to this little man!  

Sometimes you just have to go with the flow!

Oh my goodness! This young man is SO handsome! 

I won't tell you what these two are giggling about!  Stacy said to me, she married Colin because he makes her laugh! Wishing you laughter for many years to come, you two! 

Gus is BEAUTIFUL! He almost "accidentally" came home with me! (Just kidding...but he is a beauty and listens really well!)
Thank you Hutchinson family for having me to your place to capture your family's memories!

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Canvas idea

Just to give you an idea for Christmas, canvas prints are always a good idea! We need to make a point of printing pictures, not just leaving them on the disk!  This one is from a fall family session I is my favorite photo from their session and this was the one they chose! 

I took this in my house to show how it would look on the wall. I know I need to get myself some prints done (for this wall and a few others!)

Feel free to message me to order prints or canvasses or other gift ideas!

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Christmas Minis - Henderson Boys

It's amazing how two years makes such a difference!

Here's a few more from their Christmas session this past weekend!


Merry Christmas Henderson boys! Hope Rudolph was lots of fun!

Monday, November 16, 2015

Josh & Krista

Having fun with composites and a super cute, engaged couple! Looking forward to Josh & Krista's wedding next year!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Hall Family - October Family Session

I met the Hall Family at their farm on a beautiful Monday morning and we headed to the back 40 for their family session.  These busy boys showed me their favorite spots, their cool stick fort, and lots of fun little areas where they play in the summer!  

But every family session should end with a wrestling match! Sorry, Dad! I don't think you're winning this one! Even the dog got into the fun!

Headlock photos are always fun, albeit a little set up! 

Yes, even dog come to some sessions! This lovely pup was fully of life (and didn't really wanna sit still for too long!)  She did sit for one pic though! (We had to get a shot of her cute bow tie!)

Sometimes it's just easier to get the sillies out first to get a good shot!

Watch your email soon Jenn! Your session is almost complete!

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Remember so we don't forget...

As a photographer, we are usually in the moment. A lot of times, I try to take myself out of my own emotions and try to capture the emotion of where I am.

This photo made me tear up when I was editing it.

I want to know what he is thinking about, staring up at that statue.

Is he thinking he did the right thing when he joined the Royal Marines at a mere age of 16?
Is he remembering those brothers that fell around him as they trudged through the muck and mire?
Is he hearing the gun fire that flew around him as he crawled on jungle grounds, trying to avoid the enemy?
Is he thankful for the freedom of this country because of what he gave up?

Remember to always try to capture the is all we have left once the moment is over!  That's why I love what I do!

Thank you for giving up so we can have so much!

Monday, November 9, 2015

Family Fun

I might need to hire these two for my assistants!


Let's take a selfie, Aunt Sarah!

Now let me take your picture!

Look at mine!

It's always fun having props to keep the kids entertained in between shots!

I love their little faces!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

It's not about the "nice" big camera and the subject

I prefer to be behind the lens, which means I have a large task ahead of me for every shot. My job as your photographer is to capture exactly who you are and what your story is, in a single shot!

It's only a short 3-minute video...please watch! It is really good! I wish I was a part of this experiment.

I love hearing people say, you captured their personalities exactly!  Here's a few "characters" who I caught on camera, being themselves! I love these boys!

What a special priviledge!

This is why I love what I do!

I offer Back to School sessions each Fall...I do it for a select few families that I know want fun school photos instead of the same backgrounds and poses each year!  We have fun and capture each child's personality! 

But this is why I love what I do...I have had the Abel family coming for the last 4 years for school photos. I get to see these beautiful children grow!





Thank you Abel family and the others that continue to come to me for your photography needs, year after year!  I love being a part of your family's memories.