Monday, November 30, 2015

Hutchinson Family Session

My last family session for 2015 was finished off with such a wonderful family...I hate to say this, but I used to babysit Stacy when she was likely around 8 years old! (I was 12 when I babysat her and her cute little sisters! So I was really young! wink wink)

Stacy has grown into a beautiful wife and momma! She is so good with her boys! Poor thing is a little outnumbered...even the dog is a boy!  But she is definitely the queen in her family! Colin and the boys and Stacy, along with Gus, were good sports in the cold weather on Sunday! We had a few episodes with not wanting to take photos but I am happy to say we got some great ones!

Cuteness overload! These boys are ADORABLE!

Happy birthday to this little man!  

Sometimes you just have to go with the flow!

Oh my goodness! This young man is SO handsome! 

I won't tell you what these two are giggling about!  Stacy said to me, she married Colin because he makes her laugh! Wishing you laughter for many years to come, you two! 

Gus is BEAUTIFUL! He almost "accidentally" came home with me! (Just kidding...but he is a beauty and listens really well!)
Thank you Hutchinson family for having me to your place to capture your family's memories!

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