Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Remember so we don't forget...

As a photographer, we are usually in the moment. A lot of times, I try to take myself out of my own emotions and try to capture the emotion of where I am.

This photo made me tear up when I was editing it.

I want to know what he is thinking about, staring up at that statue.

Is he thinking he did the right thing when he joined the Royal Marines at a mere age of 16?
Is he remembering those brothers that fell around him as they trudged through the muck and mire?
Is he hearing the gun fire that flew around him as he crawled on jungle grounds, trying to avoid the enemy?
Is he thankful for the freedom of this country because of what he gave up?

Remember to always try to capture the is all we have left once the moment is over!  That's why I love what I do!

Thank you for giving up so we can have so much!

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