Thursday, January 21, 2016

A fleeting moment...

I just got back from attending a funeral for a man I didn't even know. I knew his wife and some of his family members, so I wanted to go show my support.
As I sat waiting for the service to start, they had the ever present photo slideshow playing which was wonderful to see. Pictures of Paul flipped by from when he was a child, even a photo of him with Santa! A photo of him when he was a proud young man holding a rather large fish with another photo beside it of him present day, holding a similar sized fish flashed on the screen. (One of his favorite hobby, we learned from his children and grandchildren!)
Many photos of him with his beloved second wife, Ruth, his children, step-children, grandchildren and even great grandchildren flashed by! As I watched the slideshow, I was astonished at the number of photos from when he was a child. It is so wonderful to see how his mother (I can only assume) captured his life through the years. Maybe it's just my chosen profession but I am always taken by how the family remembers their lost love one.

Today's event also triggered many memories from exactly a year ago...this day was the day I got the news my Aunt Sue had passed away...WAY too soon before her time.  

PLEASE take the time to remember your loved ones...I have many, MANY photos of my children (as a lot of you know!) and I hope they can look back on their childhood and smile. 

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  1. Thanks, Mand. I know Ruth appreciated your attendance at the funeral. Just the fact that you attended speaks volumes about your heart. And thanks for remembering Aunt Sue. I have had some weepy moments today and now I feel another one coming on. Beautiful photos of the kiddos. I wish I had taken more of you and Trev. xx Love you lots.