Thursday, November 3, 2016

I am amazed!

 Thank you to all those who fought and to those who are still fighting for freedom! We are blessed in this country for what you went through, what you fought for, and what you remember, day after day. 

I had several people stop and take a look at these photos today! One lady in particular lingered a little longer. So I stuck my head out and we chatted for a few minutes and I learned her father was in the Navy. I was telling her that these photos were my grandparents and that I was amazed at how many photos my grandfather has from the war. She said her dad had a lot too!  A few that maybe he shouldn't have!  (The rebel in me makes me want to see those ones more than any others!)

She was a sweet lady and as I bid her a "have a great day", I smiled to myself and returned to finishing up the display. Photos are such a conversation starter and I hope one day, my grandchildren will have special photos to have great conversations.

Happy Remembrance Week!

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